Think Tank network Research Initiative

Mapping the networks of Think Tanks in Europe and beyond

Welcome to the Think Tank Network Initiative! Think Tanks have become influential organizations both in expert circles and in public media. Social scientific research on think tanks at the same time has remained underdeveloped, and is not currently up to the task of adequately capturing and explaining the think tank phenomenon. The Think Tank Network Initiative was founded to meet this challenge and to narrow the gap. In addition to becoming a home for a wide range of comparative think tank studies we also aim to advance the discussion on the legal foundations of, and other rules and regulations for think tanks. The Think Tank Network Initiative advocates comprehensive transparency rules for all think tanks and other not-for-profit organizations. The need for research and advocacy in this area is particularly important in order to improve the conditions for think tank research in general.


THINKClima is a research project on think tanks in Europe which deny anthropogenic global warming. THINKClima has collected extensive data on such think tanks and published our research in international renowned journals such as Climate Change. You can find our collected research data on think tanks under the following link here.