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Titel Cologne Institute for Economic Research
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    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Allmendinger, Jutta
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Bardt, Hubertus
    Expert [REVERSE] Beumer, Markus
    Expert [REVERSE] Beznoska, Martin
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Brossardt, Bertram
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Bruhn, Harald
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Dick, Peer-Michael
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Diercks, Thorsten
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Erlinghagen, Hartmut G.
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Fasbender, Volker




    Mission Statement: "The Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) is the private economic research institute in Germany. The Institute and its subsidiaries combine research, consultancy and communication services to provide convincing solutions. We believe in Germany’s socially responsible free market economy. We are advocates of a liberal economic and social order. We work to improve understanding of how business and society function and interact and by doing so contribute to sustainable growth and long-term prosperity". Working Mode: "Our studies, projects and policy recommendations are methodically and empirically sound, socially relevant and state-of-the-art. Our consultancy and communication services are client-oriented, creative and customised to their target group. We combine our scientific expertise, consulting and media skills to create innovative one-stop solutions for our members and clients. Our work is addressed to policy-makers, the general public, business and the scientific community."


    The Organizational Structure is build upon 5 building blocks: Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) and its Research Units: Knowledge generating unit (conducting research, processing data) IW Akademie: "collaboration between the IW, the University of Cologne, the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the Bonn Rhine-Sieg University. It offers both executive education seminars on solving the conflict between capital and conscience and a parttime course for graduates of all faculties leading to a master’s degree in Behavioural Ethics, Economics and Psychology." IW Consult: "service provider for commissioned research and consultancy. Working at the interface between research and practice, our consultants develop strategic solutions for companies, regions, business associations, government ministries and nonprofit organisations." IW JUNIOR: "is our specialist for addressing a younger target group. School projects impart knowledge of business and economics to a new generation and offer them first-hand experience of running a business. IW Medien offers communication and PR services. Our journalists, PR consultants, designers and internet specialists develop innovative solutions for partners and clients from business and business associations."