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Titel Stockholm Network
ID 2347
Type None
  • Think Tank import 12-3-21
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    Start End Other relation type Related Institution
    is member of [REVERSE] Center for Economic Development (CED)
    is member of [REVERSE] Centro Einaudi
    is member of [REVERSE] The Centre for Social Justice
    is member of [REVERSE] Frédéric Bastiat Stichting
    is member of [REVERSE] Sauvegarde Retraites
    is member of [REVERSE] Foundation for Market Economy (FME)
    is member of [REVERSE] Friedrich von Hayek Stiftung
    is member of [REVERSE] Civic Institute
    is member of [REVERSE] Competitive Malta
    is member of [REVERSE] Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies


    Start End Other relation type Related Person
    Staff [REVERSE] Arfwedson, Jacob
    Staff [REVERSE] Chu, Rachel
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Disney, Helen
    Founder [REVERSE] Disney, Helen
    Staff [REVERSE] Domjan, Paul
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Frith, Shane
    Staff [REVERSE] Hassam, Nasrin
    Staff [REVERSE] Healy, Paul
    2007 2008 Staff [REVERSE] Niemietz, Kristian
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Palomares, Cristina


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