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Titel Institut Economique Molinari
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    Staff [REVERSE] Boitel, Pierre-Louis
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Bouillon, Hardy
    Staff [REVERSE] Bédard, Mathieu
    Staff [REVERSE] Bénard, Vincent
    Staff [REVERSE] Calzada Alvarez, Gabriel
    Staff [REVERSE] Chamilall, Neel
    Staff [REVERSE] Desrochers, Pierre
    Staff [REVERSE] Desrochers, Pierre
    Staff [REVERSE] Friedrich, Sautet
    Staff [REVERSE] Gabriel A., Gimenéz-Roche




    The IEM publishes studies, opinion pieces and press articles. Furthermore, IEM staff (mainly Philippe, Cécile and Petkantchin, Valentin) acts in public, e.g. by giving presentation. In 2010 the institute was mentioned by the media in 37 cases. In 2009 this number was as high as 92. In 2009 and 2010 the institute published 9 press releases. The IEM closely cooperates with the [[Competitive Enterprise Insitute]], the [[Ludwig von Mises Institute]], and the [[Institute for Economic Education]].


    The IEM was named after the Belgian economist Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912). It promotes economic aspects for the evaluation of policy measures.


    Apart from the post of the director, held by Philippe, Cécil, there is no information on the organizational set-up of the IEM. Neither is information available on its financial resources.