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    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Antisari, Dario
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Antisari, Dario
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Antiseri, Dario
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Bark, Dennis
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Berger, Manfred
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Beyrer, Markus
    Staff [REVERSE] Blankart, Charles B.
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Blundell, John
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Bolivar, Carolina de
    Staff [REVERSE] Bouillon, Hardy




    The Hayek Institute seeks to disseminate ideas of its namesake as well as of represenatives of the Austrian School in German-speaking countries. The Institute publishes studies, opinion pieces, articles and announcements. Conferences and events like policy circles and panel discussions are organized. In the years 2008-2010 195 news entries have been made on the website, 30 books and two booklets have been published. The think tank cooperates intensively with scientists and pracitioners with a business background.


    The Institute was named after the Austrian economic scientist Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992). The Hayek Institute promotes an economic orientation, called Austrian School. It is privately run and was designed according to the example of the [[Hoover Institution]]. Apart from the headquater in Vienna, the institute maintains a branch in Standford (USA).


    The Hayek Institute publishes the "International Library of Austrian Economics".


    The supervisory board of the Hayek Institute is composed of 15 members. The advisory board has 11 members. The Hayek Institute was once member of the Stockholm Network.