institutions Global Warming Policy Foundation

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Titel Global Warming Policy Foundation
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Type Think Tank
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    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Plimer, Ian
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Ridley, Matt
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Brittan, Samuel
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Charles, Moore
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Christian, Gerondeau
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Courtillot, Vincent
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Donoughue, Bernard
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Dyson, Freeman
    Advisory Board [REVERSE] Essex, Christopher
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Fellowes, Robert




    According to its website: "The Global Warming Policy Foundation was launched by Lord Lawson and Dr Benny Peiser on 23 November 2009 in the House of Lords – in the run-up to the Copenhagen Climate Summit."<ref>">GWPF-Who we are</ref>. Closely related is the Global Policy Forum which "which conducts campaigns and activities which do not fall squarely within the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s remit as an educational charity."<ref>">GWPF-Who we are</ref>