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Titel Deutsche Bank Research
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    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Achleitner, Paul
    Expert [REVERSE] Bräuninger, Dieter
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Bsirske, Frank
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Böhr, Wolfgang
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Böttcher, Barbara
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Cryan, John
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Dublon, Dina
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Duscheck, Jan
    Supervisory Board [REVERSE] Garrett-Cox, Katherine
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Hammonds, Kim




    Mission: "Deutsche Bank Research is responsible for macroeconomic analysis within Deutsche Bank Group and acts as consultant for the bank, its clients and stakeholders. We analyse relevant trends for the bank in financial markets, the economy and society and highlight risks and opportunities. DB Research delivers high-quality, independent analysis and actively promotes public debate on economic, fiscal, labour market and social policy issues. We have focused our research on the following topics - Macroeconomic analysis and analysis of growth trends in Germany, - Economic policy issues in Germany and Europe, - Global research on the financial sector and its regulation, and - Natural resources - risks and opportunities, ensuring future supply."


    Management plus Four Strategic Research Teams: 1. Banking, Financial Markets, Regulation 2. Sectors, Technology, Resources 3. Macroeconomics 4. European Policy Research