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Titel Green European Foundation
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    Start End Other relation type Related Institution
    is member of [REVERSE] Fundacion EQUO
    is member of [REVERSE] Green Forum Foundation
    is member of [REVERSE] Greek Green Institute
    is member of [REVERSE] Oikos
    is member of [REVERSE] Green Foundation Ireland
    is member of [REVERSE] Gruene Bildungswerkstatt
    is member of [REVERSE] Gréng Stëftung
    is member of [REVERSE] Bureau de Helling
    is member of [REVERSE] Heinrich Böll Stiftung
    is member of [REVERSE] Cogito


    Start End Other relation type Related Person
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Behrend, Juan
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] De Boer, Anne
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Frassoni, Monica
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Fücks, Ralf
    Staff [REVERSE] Gewessler, Leonore
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Hautala, Heidi
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Jonckheer, Pierre
    Leader (CEO etc.) [REVERSE] Rieger, Susanne
    Staff [REVERSE] Weinber, Claude




    Through conferences and publication programs it influences education strategy and the interaction between Green Foundations and Parties affects the European policy.


    <br>It is a political and scientific network-foundation, institutionally linked with the Group European Green Party. Based in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.


    Main stakeholders are the National Green Foundations, the Green Group in the European Parliament and the European Green Party. It is as all foundations of this type mainly financed by the European Parliament. It is organized independently of the European Green Party and the Green Group in the European Parliament and composes it's agenda self-contained.